USA Masters Track and Field


Overall Female: Oneithea (Neni) Lewis
The Overall Master of the Year award went to Oneithea (Neni) Lewis. Neni was honored at the Jesse Owens Awards Dinner at the USATF Annual Convention, Virginia Beach, VA. Here's just a few things Neni did this year:
Event Name Performance Record Set
(U.S., World, etc.)
Previous Record Age Graded Performance
Hammer Throw(3kg) 55.46m AR & World 48.18 (1998) 92%
Weight Throw (16lb) 18.10m AR & World 15.96 (2007) 98%
Throws Pentathlon 4800 PTS AR & World 4613 (2007) None available
Superweight Throw(25lb) 12.98m AR (not WMA event) 11.51 (2007) None available
Ultra-Weight Pentathlon 5872 PTS AR (not WMA event) 4075 (2009) None available

Overall Male: Ralph Maxwell M90 and Nolan Shaheed M60
The overall best Male Athlete of the Year for 2010 will be shared between Ralph Maxwell and Nolan Shaheed.

Ralph Maxwell M90
3 World Records: SH(I)(O)/age graded 114% Pent(I)/4594*
7 American Records: (I)60,200,TJ;(o)LH,

Nolan Shaheed M60
1 World Record: Mile(i)/age graded to 93%
4 American Records: 1500/age graded 97%
800/ AG 97%
3000/AG 92%

The David Pain Distinguished Service Award: Jim Weed

The winner of the David Pain Award for Distinguished Service was Jim Weed from Colorado

Jim is one of the founders and on-going anchor rocks of our sport. This year he celebrates the 30th anniversary for his "baby" the Rocky Mountain Masters Games. He is truly a pioneer of Masters Track and Field taking up the work soon after David Pain. He is a former president of National Masterís Track and Field and was very active nationally all through his earlier years until he was dealt a great economic blow, yet during his years of recovery from that crisis he continued his work in masters track and field. He has been president of the Denver Track and Field club for many years and currently serves as its treasurer. He recently received the "Outstanding Leadership Award" from the Colorado Masters Track and Field Club.

Age group Award Winners for 2010
W30-59 W60-79 M30-59 M60-79
Lisa Daley Kathy Bergen Nick Berra Charlie Allie
Rita Hanscom Christel Donley David Bickel John Altendorf
Renee Henderson Audrey Lary Richard Burns Tyrone Brown
Kay Glynn Flo Meiler Bill Collins Edward Burke
Kathy Martin Phil Raschker Michael Waller Ray Feick
Lisa Valle Carol Young Jim Wetenhall Donald Neidig
80+ W: Betty Jarvis, Sumi Onodera-Leanard, Johnnye Valien
80+ M: Harvey Lewellen, Leland McPhie, Orville Rogers

2010 Nominees for Athlete of the Year (age group category)