USA Masters Track and Field


For every masters age group and every track and field event, standards have been developed which qualify an athlete for All-American status. These three standards (Bronze, Silver and Gold) are posted below for men and women. If you meet or beat the Bronze standard, you are an All-American! To achieve Silver or Gold status, you must meet or beat those respective standards.

Track Only - MEN - WOMEN   (Updated January of 2017)

Field and Combined Events - MEN - WOMEN

Field and Combined Events are in the process of being updated.

  1. Track standards are based on FAT time. Hand times must have .24 added to their performances.
  2. Track standards have been rounded up to the next highest tenth of a second (to the next highest second for events longer than 800 meters).
  3. All track standards are followed by zeros ad infinitum.
  4. Field performances not measured in metric must be converted and rounded down to the next centimeter.
Example: In the 100 meters for Women, the Bronze standard is 19.1. Two athletes ran in this division at a meet where HAND timing was used, one having a time of 18.85 and another running 18.87. Because it was hand-timed, adding .24 give the results of 19.09 and 19.11. Only the athlete running 19.09 met the All-American Bronze standard.

To qualify and to be recognized as a USATF Masters All-American, an athlete must equal or better the published standard, be a member of USATF and must submit an application form. A small payment is required to receive an All-American Patch, Certificate or Event Tag. National Masters News offers MANY other awards for All-Americans. Use the links on the National Masters News Web site to submit an application and get more information.